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  • More EU lessons from fighting piracy off Somalia
    30th December 2014
    One of the priorities of the 2014 EU Chairmanship of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS) has been to adequately document the lessons learned from the Contact Group.
  • More Maritime security in the Mozambique Channel
    25th December 2014
    When considering maritime chokepoints worldwide, the Mozambique Channel should come to mind; however, because of greater instability and vulnerability in other geographic bottlenecks it is often overlooked. Yet, for the past millennium, the Mozambique Channel has served as a key transit and trade hub linking the Indian Ocean to the world. Today is no different.
  • More IMB concerned over decision to compensate pirates
    24th December 2014
    The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has joined other maritime organisations in expressing concern over the decision to compensate convicted Somali pirates.
  • More Floating arsenals
    18th December 2014
    The explosion of piracy off the coast of Somalia, which reached its peak between 2008 and 2010, led to a similar explosion in the maritime security industry. International naval patrols struggled to cope with the vast ocean area in which the pirates operated. So, private companies, many of them British, stepped in to fill the gap by providing armed guards for merchant vessels. Somali piracy has reduced dramatically as a result. But how to arm the private security guards, and how to store the weapons when they are not in use?
  • More Maritime Security and The Concept of Innocent Passage
    17th December 2014
    The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) enshrines the concept of innocent passage through a coastal state’s territorial sea. Passage is innocent so long as it is not prejudicial to the peace, good order or security of the coastal state. A vessel in innocent passage may traverse the coastal state’s territorial sea continuously and expeditiously, not stopping or anchoring except in force majeure situations.
  • More Nigeria not always to blame for piracy in the Gulf of Guinea
    11th December 2014
    It is almost predictable that within every piece on pirate attacks in the Gulf of Guinea, the writers will point to Nigeria as its source.
  • More State jurisdiction over PCASPs
    9th December 2014
    Various types of state jurisdiction can be enforced under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and international law broadly.
  • More Yemen and Djibouti on terrorism alert
    30th November 2014
    Yemen's Interior Ministry has ordered increased security along the country's coastline in response to information that al-Qaeda's Somalia-based affiliate al-Shabaab is planning to carry out attacks in the country.
  • More Cyber threats for marine businesses
    28th November 2014
    Marine based businesses are warned of the threats they face through breaches of cyber security and the liabilities that could arise from such breaches.
  • More The High Seas are becoming less secure
    27th November 2014
    Despite the significant reduction in piracy attacks over the last few years it is now widely accepted by the maritime community that the safety of the High Seas cannot always be guaranteed by Governments.
  • More The Development and Regulation of Private Maritime Security
    24th November 2014
    We are at a turning point in maritime security affairs. As state budgets are declining and demands on world navies are placing them in increasingly precarious positions, the maritime community is once again employing private means to enhance protection against asymmetric threats, thus liberating our naval forces to defend our freedoms on the high seas.
  • More Nigerian pirates and oil thieves threaten lives of NIMASA officials
    21st November 2014
    The Director General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, has said that the lives of officials of the agency are being threatened by pirates and oil thieves who have escaped prosecution.
  • More Time for a touch of humanity
    12th November 2014
    Shore leave is becoming severely restricted as a result of the global Ebola pandemic.
  • More Costs soar despite drop in sea piracy
    11th November 2014
    Shippers Council of Eastern Africa (SCEA) said in a report that goods imported through the port of Mombasa were 10 per cent more expensive than they were in 2007, at the height of piracy along the East African coast.
  • More No shortcuts in ship and port security
    7th November 2014
    In 2004, when the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code was entered into force, ports in West and Central Africa eagerly declared their compliance with this set of measures. Yet the United States Coast Guard said in a recent Port Security Advisory (PSA) that some of these ports are not properly implementing the measures set out by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).
  • More Mauritius frees suspected Somali pirates
    6th November 2014
    Twelve Somali men tried for piracy were acquitted Thursday in Mauritius for lack of evidence.
  • More Pirate Ransom Negotiations Resolving the Paradoxes of Extortionate Transactions with Somali Pirates
    28th October 2014
    The study by a team from Michigan State University interviewed two former Somali pirates now living in Europe. They focused on how the pirates target and capture ships and then negotiate ransoms for the release of the ship.
  • More Ships warned that Somali piracy still exists
    27th October 2014
    Merchant vessels and yachts have begun sailing dangerously close to a still volatile Somali coastline posing a threat to the crew and ships.
  • More NIMASA rolls out strategies to combat oil theft and sea-related crimes
    22nd October 2014
    In a bid to further secure the nation’s maritime domain and stem the tide of piracy, armed robbery, illegal bunkering and other illegalities at sea, the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) has come up with several strategic plans.
  • More Captain who was held hostage by West African pirates sues companies
    22nd October 2014
    Oil major Chevron and Edison Chouest Offshore (EOC) are the targets of a lawsuit filed by a captain who spent more than two weeks as the hostage of West African pirates.
  • More Sustained response to Somalia piracy requires effective State governance
    22nd October 2014
    While noting the progress made to combat piracy off the coast of Somalia, the United Nations political chief today said that a sustained long-term solution must include the presence of effective Government and State institutions that provide basic services and alternative ways for people to make a living.
  • More EU notes decrease in piracy near Somali Coast
    20th October 2014
    The European Union noted a decline in piracy activity off the coast of Somalia, the EU Foreign Affairs Council said in a Monday press release following a meeting in Luxembourg.
  • More House of Lords debates piracy in West Africa
    18th October 2014
    Ahead of a discussion in the House of Lords this week, Lord Naseby and the UK Chamber’s Head of Communications, Jonathan Roberts, write on piracy off the coast of West Africa.
  • More Tanzania endorses EAC anti piracy protocol
    16th October 2014
    Tanzania has signed the protocol against piracy which was endorsed by other East African and Indian Ocean littoral states under the condition that European Union construct prisons that meet the required international standards.
  • More Piracy in West Africa
    7th October 2014
    Attention on piracy is shifting to West Africa, where it continues to happen at dangerous levels.
  • More Piracy expected to increase ahead of Nigeria's election in February 2015
    7th October 2014
    Piracy will increase in the Gulf of Guinea as Nigeria prepares for an election next February in order to funnel ransom money into campaign financing, intelligence experts told a shipping conference in Copenhagen on Tuesday.
  • More Shipping industry releases updated anti-piracy guidelines on Gulf of Guinea region
    2nd October 2014
    The Round Table of international shipping industry associations has released an updated version of ‘Guidelines for Owners, Operators and Masters for Protection Against Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea Region.’ The Guidelines have been jointly developed by BIMCO, ICS, INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO.
  • More Organizing Intelligence Cooperation for the Maritime Transport Industry
    1st October 2014
    Transportation security, and especially the important intelligence function within it, must be treated and managed as a whole, albeit with distinct modules by mode of transportation, under one centralized umbrella.
  • More Hazard pay for seafarers transiting Gulf of Aden limited as risk status downgraded
    30th September 2014
    Hazard pay for seafarers transiting the Gulf of Aden has been limited under certain areas and conditions.
  • More Seafarers forgotten victims of maritime piracy
    25th September 2014
    With conflict and bloodshed in the Middle East, Ukraine and other parts of the world dominating international attention, one issue has dropped off the headlines - the human cost of piracy and maritime crime. This applies especially to the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa where piracy is escalating.
  • More German American journalist released after years in captivity in Somalia
    23rd September 2014
    German American journalist Michael Scott Moore has been freed two and a half years after he was kidnapped in Somalia. German officials received Moore, who worked for SPIEGEL International years before his abduction, on Tuesday afternoon local time.
  • More Australia and New Zealand Navies intercept drugs off Africa
    22nd September 2014
    A combined Australian and New Zealand operation 260 km off the coast of Africa has seized more than 5.6 metric tons of cannabis resin worth an estimated $280 million.
  • More Forum on violence against seafarers off West Africa
    16th September 2014
    Oceans Beyond Piracy and the International Maritime Bureau will be co-hosting an important event in seafarer welfare on 23 September 2014 in London.
  • More Terror at Sea Exploring Maritime Targeting by Terrorist Organizations
    16th September 2014
    The threat of terrorism is growing around the world, and an increase in maritime attacks might have a very serious impact on maritime trade and global peace and security.
  • More Gulf of Guinea Inter-Regional Coordination Centre inaugurated
    12th September 2014
    Delegates from the G7, the United Nations and other international partners observed the inauguration of the Inter-regional Coordination Centre for Maritime Safety and Security in the Gulf of Guinea in Yaoundé.
  • More An analysis of drug smuggling across the Indian Ocean
    11th September 2014
    Is there an increasing cooperation in the Indian Ocean to curb drug smuggling today? After piracy and terrorism, are the drug smugglers and their network being targeted now in the Indian Ocean? What is the nature of counter actions so far, and what needs to be done further?
  • More Guidelines for protection against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea
    9th September 2014
    The Republic of Liberia has issued Marine Security Advisory including guidelines for protection against armed robbery and piracy in the Gulf of Guinea region and Reporting to the Maritime Trade Information Sharing Centre Gulf Guinea (MTISC - GoG).
  • More Ebola Virus Outbreak Marine Notice
    8th September 2014
    AMSA has issued a Marine Notice to draw the attention of shipowners and ship operators to the recent outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa and to provide advice on the risks posed to seafarers calling in countries affected by the outbreak.
  • More Pirates attack products tanker off Ivory Coast
    3rd September 2014
    Armed pirates robbed a petroleum products tanker near Ivory Coast's port of Abidjan, a maritime agency and a private security adviser said on Wednesday, in an indication of the increasing mobility of Nigeria-based gangs.
  • More New alert on pirate threat to Gulf of Aden ships
    23rd August 2014
    Merchant ship-owners have been warned against complacency in thinking Somali pirates have been defeated, amid growing attacks and skirmishes at sea.
  • More Audacious open ocean ambush of product tanker in Gulf of Guinea
    9th August 2014
    In the early hours of Saturday 9th August, a product tanker transiting 200 nautical miles south of the Nigerian shoreline encountered a radar contact of a drifting vessel along its track. After taking normal navigational measures to open the closest point of approach (CPA) from the drifting vessel and passing abeam at 6.5 nautical miles, the tanker’s crew heard a burst of gunfire.
  • More Sea Transportation The virtue of fighting back
    6th August 2014
    Armed guards and aggressive naval and air patrolling off the Somali coast have reduced pirate activity to the lowest level in a decade.
  • More Curbing the excesses of maritime piracy in Africa
    5th August 2014
    Reports on maritime piracy as they occur in various parts of the world and its deadly effect on shipping and ultimately national economies have been of grave concern to ship owners and governments.
  • ISPS Code and maritime terrorism
    16th July 2014
    ISPS Code and maritime terrorism by Lars H. Bergqvist
  • More Ten things to know about piracy in West Africa
    16th July 2014
    There are various types of maritime crime in West Africa. Generally, only two of these can be considered piracy, namely hijack for cargo theft and kidnap for ransom.
  • More Al Shabaab take over stranded Kenyan ship and crew members
    11th July 2014
    Mogadishu (Harar24) – A Kenyan-owned ship which dropped off goods at Mogadishu’s seaport and was headed towards Mombasa stranded at a small Somali seaside village in the Middle Shabelle province, according to local villagers.
  • More Why some Somali clans protect pirates while others do not
    11th July 2014
    Communities in Somalia protect pirates when they have no better source of income, sometimes switching back to taxing legitimate trade when economic conditions improve, argues a new report.
  • More UK economy heavily exposed to Nigerian piracy
    9th July 2014
    A lack of security off the coast of Nigeria threatens seafarers as well as the UK economy, according to a UK Chamber of Shipping study.
  • More Indian Ocean Rim Association meets in Durban
    7th July 2014
    The economic importance of the Indian Ocean came under the spotlight in Durban when the Australian High Commission jointly hosted a seminar on strengthening maritime security co-operation.
  • More Nigerian Port Facility Security Officers call for more alertness against terrorism
    3rd July 2014
    Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO) of the Lagos Maritime Security (LMS) zone have called on stakeholders to be more security conscious with a view to curbing possible attacks at ports.
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