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  • More West Africa: Pirate Attack 20 March 2014
    20th March 2014
    A Liberia-flagged oil tanker was attacked by four pirates in a speedboat at about 0130 LT in position 04:14N-005:00E, around 40nm off Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
  • More Puntland Maritime Police Force operating three Thrush aircraft for maritime surveillance
    19th March 2014
    The Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) has taken delivery of three second-hand Ayres S2R Thrush aircraft which it is using to conduct maritime surveillance and security patrols in support of the regional crackdown on piracy.
  • More Ghana Navy Conference examines security in the Gulf of Guinea
    19th March 2014
    Coastal and Maritime Surveillance Africa 2014 conference examining threats, challenges, opportunities in the Gulf of Guinea
  • More Nigeria: Two Agip Crew Kidnapped
    14th March 2014
    Reports suggest that Nigerian gunmen attacked two tugs belonging to the Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) on Wednesday. The tugs were apparently in Nembe waterways in the heartland of kidnapping, Bayelsa State
  • More 2014: Piracy, Terrorism & Diverse Maritime Threats
    14th March 2014
    A 5% global decline in reported incidents of piracy and armed robbery at sea is outweighed by the changing threat the maritime community is facing in the Gulf of Guinea, according to the RiskMap Maritime analysis, Control Risks’ authoritative guide to risks for the maritime community in 2014.
  • More Latest piracy analysis from OPINTEL
    10th March 2014
    The latest US Maritime OPINTEL analysis and weekly report covers the Horn of Africa and the Gulf of Guinea.
  • More Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea: Oil Soaked Pirates
    10th March 2014
    Tanker hijackings aimed at large-scale cargo theft first appeared off Benin in December 2010 and spread to the waters of Nigeria, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, and Angola in subsequent years.
  • More Seychelles, Mauritius join Indian Ocean maritime security group
    7th March 2014
    The Indian Ocean-centred maritime security trilateral between India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives will be expanded to include Seychelles and Mauritius.
  • More Surge in Gulf of Guinea kidnap incidents
    7th March 2014
    The UK’s leading maritime intelligence provider, Dryad Maritime, recently issued a special advisory warning all of its shipping clients on the increased threat of crew kidnap in the Gulf of Guinea. Since the issue of Dryad’s warning, two further attacks on vessels have taken place within a single week as two Nigerian flagged vessels were targeted by maritime criminals on consecutive days, resulting in the kidnap of six crew members.
  • More Why Benefits of the ISPS Code outweigh its burdens from volume of paperwork
    6th March 2014
    Every initiative has positive and negative sides. This applies equally to the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. Whilst it may be true that the ISPS Code introduced a new burden by way of the volume of paperwork it generates, it benefits outweigh the burdens.
  • (US) Court holds federal high seas piracy statute unconstitutional
    5th March 2014
  • Avoiding temptation at Sea
    4th March 2014
    The recent deaths of two security operatives on board the Maersk Alabama highlighted an acute concern amongst the shipping community: the threat of substance abuse.
  • Maritime piracy infographic, 2013
    3rd March 2014
  • The changing dynamic of West African maritime crime 2013/2014
    28th February 2014
    Kidnappings up 85%, overall maritime crime up 21%, successful hijack for cargo theft down by 50%: the ever shifting threat in West Africa.
  • Guidance on security certification for seafarers agreed
    25th February 2014
    Guidance on training and certification requirements for ship security officers and seafarers with designated security duties has been agreed by the IMO, to address practical difficulties seafarers have reportedly experienced in obtaining the necessary security certification under the 2010 Manila amendments to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) and STCW Code.
  • Somali piracy profits go to investors
    22nd February 2014
    Somali piracy has become a big business that profits large criminal kingpins as well as small investors in the diaspora, even as international efforts have cut back on their earnings, according to European Union and US officials.
  • IMB PRC Live Piracy Report of warning shots fired off Nigeria
    19th February 2014
    Incident 029-14: 19.02.2014: 0445 LT: Posn: 03:57N – 005:18E, 26nm SW of Pennington Oil Terminal, Nigeria. Six pirates in a small boat approached a tanker under way and tried to hook on a boarding ladder. Alarm raised and vessel immediately started taking evasive manoeuvres. The pirates tried to hook on the ladder several times at different positions along the port and starboard quarters. The on board armed security team fired warning shots resulting in the pirates aborting the attempt and moving away.
  • Two Security Officers found dead on Maersk Alabama
    19th February 2014
    The Seychelles Police confirmed that two male security officers on board container ship Maersk Alabama were discovered dead on the ship moored in Port Victoria late in the afternoon of Tuesday 18 February 2014.
  • Ghana Navy moves to counter piracy and drugs smuggling in Gulf of Guinea
    18th February 2014
    Ghana's Chief of Naval Staff is convening a conference of senior international admirals and naval experts to find solutions to further providing security in the Gulf of Guinea.
  • Angola: Italian Naval Group Seeks Cooperation in Maritime Security
    17th February 2014
    The 30th Naval Group of the Italian Navy wants to set up cooperation with friendly countries, particularly Angola, in maritime security, through joint exercises and training to develop the capacity of this branch of the military forces.
  • Suspected pirates attack Kenyan ship off coast of Somalia
    14th February 2014
    A Kenyan-based merchant vessel was attacked by suspected Somali pirates off the coast of Somalia on Friday in the first such attack this year. Kenya's maritime official said the MV Andrea, was attacked by assailants aboard a white hulled skiff while underway to the port of Mogadishu, Somalia.
  • Difficulties in forming an efficient Somali Coastguard
    14th February 2014
    Maritime Security Consultant James M. Bridger has analysed the difficulties in forming an efficient Somali Coastguard over the past years and his account and conclusions make particularly interesting reading.
  • West Africa: Kidnappers Targeting Captains and Chief Engineers
    13th February 2014
    The kidnapping of senior crew is becoming a trend in West Africa, and one which has not generally been picked up on by the media.
  • Italian warship training Mozambican Navy
    11th February 2014
    The Italian Navy vessel Borsini is in Mozambican waters for the next two months as it trains the Southern African nation’s small navy, following the signature of a maritime collaboration agreement between the two countries.
  • Australian Navy destroys massive heroin haul off the coast of Tanzania
    7th February 2014
    The Australian navy has seized and destroyed heroin estimated to have a street value of more than $700 million as part of a security mission in the Middle East. HMAS Melbourne crew found 353 kilograms of heroin during a boarding operation on a suspected drug smuggling vessel off the coast of Tanzania on February 5.
  • Forum in Cotonou to discuss transatlantic maritime criminal law
    6th February 2014
    A forum on transatlantic maritime criminal law for zone E of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) opened on Tuesday in Cotonou, a source in Benin's capital has said. The forum brings together about 50 experts from the legal sector and representatives of naval forces from Benin, Niger, Nigeria and Togo.
  • The AU’s New Maritime Strategy
    2nd February 2014
    On 31 January 2014, at the 22nd Summit of the African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa, African Heads of States and Governments adopted the 2050 Africa’s Integrated Maritime Strategy and Plan of Action.
  • CMA CGM deploys armed guards, calls Somalia
    30th January 2014
    CMA CGM is expanding services to Somalia by extending its Middle East service Noura Express. Armed guards will be deployed on this risky service.
  • Ivory Coast rebuilds navy to ward off growing piracy threat
    29th January 2014
    Ivory Coast is adding around 40 new vessels to its navy as it confronts a growing threat from pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, the country’s defence minister said on Tuesday. Attacks on commercial vessels off the coast of oil-rich West Africa jumped by a third last year. The first known hijacking of a vessel in Ivory Coast territorial waters occurred late in 2012. Similar attacks followed.
  • Europe wants a single maritime security standard
    29th January 2014
    The European Commission wants a single standard for maritime security companies working on EU-flag ships. Speaking at SAMI's security seminar in London this afternoon, Robert Missen of the commission's Directorate General for Transport, said greater support from shipowners and the maritime industry for a single standard was required.
  • Pirates hijacked tanker off Angola, stole cargo - owners
    27th January 2014
    The Greek owners of an oil tanker that vanished off the Angolan coast on 18 January said on 26 January that pirates had hijacked the vessel and stolen a large quantity of cargo, contradicting the Angolan navy's denial that such an assault took place.
  • USCG to propose cruise ship video surveillance rules
    26th January 2014
    Nearly four years after passage of a comprehensive cruise safety law, the US Coast Guard is getting ready to propose a rule for three of the trickiest provisions in the legislation. The proposed rule, expected out in June, will outline how cruise lines can comply with a requirement in the Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act that they deploy technology for “capturing images of passengers or detecting passengers who have fallen overboard.” Also addressed in the rule will be how a cruise ship’s video surveillance system should be operated to document crimes on the ship and assist in their later prosecution.
  • Kenya jails 24 Somali pirates
    24th January 2014
    A Kenyan court sentenced 24 Somalis to seven years each in prison on 23 January 2014 for attempting to hijack an Iranian merchant vessel in the Gulf of Oman in October 2010. The men, who were arrested by the Dutch Navy working under NATO command, were handed over to Kenyan authorities because Somalia was not seen as stable enough to try them properly.
  • Nigeria: lack of prosecution powers weakens NIMASA's fight against piracy
    24th January 2014
    The absence of powers to prosecute persons arrested for perpetrating crime in Nigeria's territorial waters is hindering the anti-piracy campaign of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), its Director General, Mr. Ziakede Patrick Akpobolokemi has said.
  • Piracy clause amended
    23rd January 2014
    Intertanko has amended its model piracy clause to take into account security issues specific to the Gulf of Guinea. The new amendments seek to address the risk owners face when a vessel is waiting outside a port before being allocated a berth to discharge or load cargo.
  • Pirates suspected to have attacked tanker off Angola
    22nd January 2014
    A fuel tanker is suspected to have been hijacked by pirates off the coast of Angola in what would be the most southerly attack to date by pirates off West Africa.
  • First pirate attack in 2014 in the Gulf of Aden resulted in apprehension of suspects by EU Navfor
    20th January 2014
    On 18 January 2014, the French EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Somalia Operation Atalanta flagship FS Siroco in cooperation with Japanese assets released the crew of a dhow that was suspected to have been used as pirate mother-ship. The flagship apprehended 5 suspected pirates believed to be responsible for an attack on an oil tanker in the Gulf of Aden a day earlier.
  • US dropping case against man accused of piracy
    18th January 2014
    Federal prosecutors are dropping their case against a Somali translator accused of being a pirate and playing an illegal role in the hostage siege aboard a Danish merchant ship off the coast of Somalia in 2008.
  • Somali pirate clampdown the major contributor to drop in global piracy
    16th January 2014
    Last year only 15 incidents of piracy off the Somali coast were reported to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), down from 75 in the previous year. “The single biggest reason for the drop in worldwide piracy is the decrease in Somali piracy off the coast of East Africa,” said Captain Pottengal Mukundan, IMB Director, whose Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC) has monitored world piracy since 1991.
  • Protecting the rights of children suspected of piracy
    16th January 2014
    Moves to incorporate the rights of detained Somali children suspected of working with pirate groups into ship security standards, have received a cautious response.
  • ICS identifies lessons from Somali piracy
    13th January 2014
    The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the principal global trade association for shipowners, has issued a paper drawing upon the international shipping industry’s experience of Somali-based piracy during the period 2007 to 2013. The ICS paper can be downloaded at
  • ONI World Threat to Shipping Report 8 December 2013 to 8 January 2014
    10th January 2014
    The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) has issued Worldwide Threat to Shipping Report for period 08 December 2013 - 8 January 2014.!
  • Tanzania can now prosecute piracy cases
    4th January 2014
    Offenses related to piracy will now be prosecuted in local courts, following recent settlement of legal frameworks that will facilitate fair prosecution, Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs said.
  • Germany authorises more private security firms to protect flagged fleet
    3rd January 2014
    The number of private maritime security companies authorised to protect Germany-flagged vessels has risen from two to seven, according to a media report citing the country’s Bundesamt fur Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle, known as BAFA.
  • Marine cybersecurity: is your ship safe? Are you sure?
    2nd January 2014
    There is a growing threat to marine safety, security, and environmental protection from over-reliance on electronics to accomplish operational tasks. Adopting appropriate cybersecurity measures will reduce business risks.
  • Nigeria: Naval Chief warns personnel over oil theft
    26th December 2013
    Nigerian Chief of Naval Staff Vice Admiral Dele Eze-Oba has decried the alleged involvement of Naval men in the theft of petroleum products along the nation's coast.
  • Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia: Quarterly Update
    24th December 2013
    Read more:
  • Nigerian navy boosts camera surveillance against pirates
    20th December 2013
    Nigeria's navy has installed eight automated, camera-equipped surveillance towers in the waters just off its coast, in an effort to tackle a surge in pirate attacks and crude oil theft that have blighted Africa's top energy producer this year.
  • Industry must continue security measures through Suez Canal
    16th December 2013
    Shipowners and charterers should continue to take normal precautionary security measures when transiting through the Suez Canal, said Andrew Varney, Managing Director Port2Port Maritime Security in a recent webcast discussion: “Is the Suez Canal Safe for Shipping?” with the US Journal of Commerce.
  • Niger Delta piracy falls
    10th December 2013
    Pirate activity off Bayelsa State in the Niger Delta has started to decrease compared with earlier this year, according to the latest report from Bergen Risk Solutions.
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