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  • Coastal waters: plan for single African policy by John Yeld
    15th July 2013
    Cape Town - The dream of a United States of Africa may be politically unobtainable, but African leaders are looking seriously at a second prize: an integrated maritime domain around the continent. Such a domain would include an exclusive economic zone that would be key to the development of a sustainable “blue economy” for the continent. Today, each country with a coastline manages its 200 nautical mile zone, where it has full fishing and gas and mineral exploitation rights Speaking at a symposium at UCT this week, Professor Patrick Vrancken of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, said this vision was contained in the 2050 African Integrated Maritime Strategy presented to the second conference of African ministers responsible for maritime-related affairs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in December. httpwwwiolcozascitechscienceenvironmentcoastalwatersplanforsingleafricanpolicy1154
  • SAMI on PCASP Maritime Security Standards
    2nd July 2013
    A hotly debated subject for some time, the use of privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) deployed onboard ship has given impetus to those who seek to demonstrate to the international community that they and the operatives they supply are of the right quality to legally, safely and effectively guard commercial shipping on the high seas. The development of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)/PAS 28007 will not necessarily eliminate other national accreditation requirements, but it will hopefully reduce the extent to which ship owners, managers and operators continue to conduct their own forms of due diligence.
  • Counter Piracy and the flap about Floating Armories by John A C Cartner
    1st July 2013
    What is the best practice for such a vessel to operate?
  • New West and Central Africa Piracy and Maritime Law Enforcement Code Adopted
    26th June 2013
    IMO Secretary-General Koji Sekimizu has welcomed the signature by 22 States of the Code of Conduct concerning the prevention of piracy, armed robbery against ships and illicit maritime activity in west and central Africa. (
  • Human Cost of Piracy Report 2013 Published safety4seacom
    19th June 2013
    A report highlighting latest details of the human cost of maritime piracy was released in London on 18 June 2013. This updated report studies not only the human cost of Somali Piracy, but also, for the first time, examines the threat of piracy to seafarers in the waters off West Africa.
  • More PORTS SECURITY: US gives Nigeria 90-day ultimatum
    10th June 2013
    LAGOS - The United States Government, through its Embassy in Lagos, has cautioned the Federal Government to improve on its ports security system within 90 days or face the stoppage of sail of vessels to Nigeria.
  • More African approaches to Maritime Security
    8th June 2013
    Maritime experts from West, East and Southern Africa gathered at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 7 and 8 May to deliberate on the state of African maritime security. SADSEM (Southern African Defence and Security Management Network
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