International Collaboration to Tackle the Security Threats Affecting the Blue Economy

17th September 2019

Under the theme “Managing and Securing Our Waters”, Nigeria is convening a gathering of ocean security and sustainable development stakeholders to advance development of a platform for the international community to coordinate actionable strategies on maritime security in support of sustainable development.

The GMSC will bring together officials from governments, international agencies, donor partners, shipping firms, oil and gas industry, navies and coastguards and maritime regulators across the globe to discuss the options for tackling security challenges. GMSC international partners include the International Chamber of Shipping, BIMCO, the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

The conference objectives include defining the precise nature and scope of coordinated responses to maritime insecurity, evaluating the relevance of various external interventions, and moving towards policy harmonisation and cooperation. The conference will also tackle threats to maritime security, strategize alternative approach to prevent cyber security threats, and advocate for deeper global commitment to the deployment of resources for ending maritime insecurity within the region in the shortest possible time.

GMSC thematic sessions include:
• Maritime Security: Evolving Roles, Models, Missions and Capabilities
• Ensuring Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea: Effective Regional Cooperation and Roles of International Partners
• Balancing Geopolitical, Economic and Geostrategic Interests in Maritime Security Initiatives
• Maritime Governance and the Blue Economy
• Maritime Security, Legal Framework and Regulatory Issues in the Gulf of Guinea
• Maritime Security: Moving Beyond Policy Statements to Taking Collective Actions
• Technology Deployment in Maritime Security: Emerging Issues
• Future of Maritime Security: Trends, Emerging Threat Vectors and Capability Requirements
• Enhancing Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA)
• Maritime Security Partnerships: The Roles of Civil Societies
• Harmonized Standard Operating Procedures (HSOP) – A Model for Cooperation

There will be no registration fee attached to participation at the Global Maritime Security Conference. However, confirmation of attendance is by registering on the Conference website at


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