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  • More New source for maritime security advice
    29th June 2018
    The new Maritime Global Security website,, is a collection of all security-related guidance produced by the industry, as well as links to other useful maritime and military security resources, and serves as a ‘one stop shop’ for maritime security advice.
  • More European Union conclusions on the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea adopted on 25 June 2018
    25th June 2018
    European Council on Refugees and Exiles: European Union adopted conclusions on the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea at the 3628th meeting of the Council on 25 June 2018
  • More Queen Mary 2 through Gulf of Aden
    18th June 2018
    Armed former Royal Marines secretly joined passengers on a luxury cruise to protect them from pirates.
  • More Piracy incidents double off coast of East Africa in 2017
    21st May 2018
    The number of piracy incidents doubled off the coast of East Africa in 2017 compared to 2016, an international maritime body said in its latest report. This indicates that Somali criminal networks are still capable of sophisticated attacks, according to the report by One Earth Future (OEF)'s Oceans Beyond Piracy program.
  • More Pirate attacks worsen in Gulf of Guinea
    11th April 2018
    A surge in armed attacks against ships around West Africa is pushing up global levels of piracy and armed robbery at sea, warns the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Maritime Bureau (IMB).
  • More Assessment that Houthi attack on merchant ship will not impede shipping
    6th April 2018
    This week's missile attack on a tanker off Yemen sparked diplomatic outrage, but it is unlikely to affect merchant traffic in the Red Sea, according to multiple assessments.
  • More Maritime transport in Africa and efforts to avoid illegal passengers
    23rd March 2018
    International experts and port managers are meeting in a workshop in Yaounde to analyse the current situation of stowaway passengers on ships and define strategies to reduce their number.
  • More Enhancing African Maritime Security
    23rd March 2018
    The latest Africa Center Maritime Security program examined the Seychelles’ approach to combatting criminality on the seas and lessons for other maritime states in Africa.
  • More Maritime piracy and armed robbery reaches 22 year low says IMB report
    11th January 2018
    A total of 180 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported to the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) International Maritime Bureau (IMB) in 2017, according to the latest IMB report. It is the lowest annual number of incidents since 1995, when 188 reports were received.
  • More Ending piracy in Nigerian waters
    5th January 2018
    Eromosele Abiodun writes that the report by the International Maritime Bureau on rising cases of piracy in Nigeria focused on government agencies responsible for tackling the menace.
  • More Threat of piracy heightened off Somalia and Yemen
    18th December 2017
    The increased threat of piracy off Somalia and Yemen since the Aris 13 hijacking in March is set to continue due to heightened insecurity in the High Risk Area.
  • More G7 and Gulf of Guinea nations join forces against maritime crimes
    12th December 2017
    The G7 Friends of the Gulf of Guinea Group met in Nigeria to join forces with regional stakeholders to tackle the issues of maritime crimes bedeviling the region.
  • More EUNAVFOR marks ninth anniversary
    12th December 2017
    Friday 8th December 2017 marks the ninth anniversary of EU Naval Force Somalia’s Operation Atalanta, the successful EU Naval Force counter- piracy operation in the Gulf of Aden and the Somali Basin.
  • Fifty six mariners kidnapped in Gulf of Guinea in 2017
    11th December 2017
    There have been 15 attacks against commercial ships reported within a 60 nautical miles radius of Bony Island over recent weeks, data from maritime security firm Dryad Maritime shows.
  • More EU NAVFOR captures suspected pirates
    19th November 2017
    EU NAVFOR Somalia’s Flagship, the Italian vessel ITS Virginio Fasan, has apprehended six suspected pirates and seized their vessels.
    9th November 2017
    The UN Security Council encouraged flag States and port States to consider development of measures on board vessels, including, where applicable, developing regulations for the use of privately contracted armed security personnel on board ships, aimed at preventing and suppressing piracy off the coast of Somalia.
  • More US warns ships about piracy attacks in Nigerian waters
    1st November 2017
    The United States of America has issued a Maritime Alert to warn ships to be vigilant when approaching Nigerian waters.
  • More Nigerian Government maritime security agreement with Israeli firm
    31st October 2017
    The Nigerian Government has entered into a three years agreement with an Israeli firm over maritime security issues.
  • More Nigeria reinforces ban on embarked security contractors
    26th October 2017
    Nigeria's navy recently reinforced its longstanding policy against embarked private maritime security contractors
  • More Nigerian stowaways threaten bulk carrier crew
    23rd October 2017
    Bulk carrier Friederike requested assistance after 4 Nigerian stowaways mutinied and were a threat to crew.
  • More Nigeria still a risky place for shipping says IMB Piracy Report for January to September 2017
    19th October 2017
    A total of 121 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in the first nine months of 2017, according to the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) latest quarterly report on maritime piracy.
  • More Libyan Port of Benghazi reopened on 1 October 2017
    2nd October 2017
    Even though the working ports are now considered safe for ships and crew, maritime insurance company Gard cautioned ships’ crews to remain vigilant as the situation in Libyan territorial waters remains volatile.
    6th September 2017
    Recent attacks against merchant shipping in the Gulf of Aden and Bab Al Mandeb have highlighted the risks associated with transiting these waters. The multiple types of risks and the broad expanse of ocean on which these attacks can occur dictate that Naval Forces must be used in the most efficient manner possible. To assist in this, CMF is establishing a Maritime Security Transit Corridor (MSTC).
  • More Med migrant crisis and Defend Europe
    8th August 2017
    The line between maritime human trafficking and a flow of refugees at sea has been blurred. In response to the ongoing migrant wave, the group Defend Europe recently raised enough money to charter a 422-ton ship, the C-Star, to convey a team of its activists to Libya.
  • More Guidance on transits through the Bab El Mandeb and Associated Waters
    8th August 2017
    UKMTO operating from Dubai, has issued an advisory following information from the UK Government relating to ship transits through the Bab El Mandeb (BeM) and associated waters. This UKMTO Notice 001 August /2017 replaces previous guidance UKMTO Notice 001 July 2017 (which refers to CMF advice dated 16 July 2017) and UKMTO Notice 002 July 2017.
  • More New security warning for Gulf of Aden region
    17th July 2017
    New advice from Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) issued yesterday says that recent attacks against merchant shipping in the Gulf of Aden and Bab-el-Mandeb have highlighted there are still risks associated with transits through these waters.
  • More Lome Charter on African maritime security next steps
    16th July 2017
    The African Charter on Maritime Security, Safety and Development in Africa (the Lomé Charter) is the outcome of the African Union Extraordinary Summit held in Lomé, Togo in October 2016. The idea of the Lomé special session was to build up on the results of previous summits held in Yaoundé (June 2013) and the Seychelles (February 2015) and to take the African blue economy and maritime security agendas forward.
  • More Piracy in the Indian Ocean
    8th July 2017
    Following the hijacking of the Aris 13 in March, the first merchant vessel to be taken by pirates operating from Somalia since May 2012, at least half a dozen further instances of attacks have been reported in its coastal waters.
  • More IMO approves further interim guidance on privately contracted armed security personnel
    30th June 2017
    The carriage of firearms on board merchant ships is a complex legal issue with IMO Member States taking diverse positions. Given the truly global nature of the shipping industry with many stakeholders, shipping benefits from harmonization of procedures, adoption of common minimum standards and clarity with respect to national legal regimes, which represents the core of the IMO's work.
  • More Understanding motivations for Somali piracy
    27th June 2017
    Following primary research recently conducted at Montagne Posse Prison, Seychelles, little has changed behind the drivers to commit maritime crime. To prevent piracy, a more nuanced approach to understanding the behaviour might be key to a solution.
  • More Yemen war adds to rising fears for ships in Horn of Africa
    9th May 2017
    Yemen’s worsening conflict is contributing to a spike in piracy in the region, with Somali pirates taking advantage of a reduced international naval presence and more readily available weaponry to carry out attacks.
  • More Declining vigilance threatens return of Somali piracy says Oceans Beyond Piracy 2016 Annual Report
    1st May 2017
    Despite reduced pirate activity off the western Indian Ocean in recent years, the pirate networks responsible for the original Somali piracy crisis have sustained themselves through small-scale attacks and involvement in an various maritime crimes, the piracy watchdog Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) said in its annual report released Monday.
  • More Fighting Somali piracy next steps
    27th March 2017
    Piracy problems are just the tip of the iceberg of Africa’s maritime security challenges.
  • More Somali pirates release hijacked ship without ransom
    17th March 2017
    Somali pirates released a hijacked oil tanker and eight Sri Lankan crew on Thursday, a Somali security official and the pirates said, bringing the first hijacking since 2012 to an unusually swift conclusion without the payment of a ransom.
  • More Fighting rising piracy in the Gulf of Guinea
    3rd March 2017
    Strategies to combat piracy already exist, but countries must navigate the pitfalls that hinder implementation.
  • More Reviving the African Union Maritime Strategy
    1st March 2017
    Despite having drawn up several key maritime strategies, the African Union (AU) is failing to implement them owing to lack of resources and expertise. This inertia must change in 2017, else the AU risks marginalising maritime security work.
  • More Piracy agreement to cover other illicit activity
    13th January 2017
    The Djibouti Code of Conduct has seen its scope significantly broadened to cover other illicit maritime activities, including human trafficking and illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.
  • More Leading experts at BIMCO Seminar say maritime crime increasing
    15th December 2016
    Industry security experts have concluded that maritime crime will not be stopped any time soon – and that cyber incidents would continue to expand in frequency and severity. This was the consensus at BIMCO’s first ever Maritime Security Seminar in Copenhagen yesterday.
  • More New research project investigates maritime security capacity building in the Western Indian Ocean
    29th November 2016
    A new research project hosted by Politics and International Relations academics and Cardiff University’s Crime and Security Research Institute will study lessons from maritime security capacity building in the Western Indian Ocean.
  • More NATO ends anti piracy mission in Indian Ocean
    25th November 2016
    NATO has ended Operation Ocean Shield after a sharp drop-off in attacks by Somali pirates.
  • More EU extends counter piracy operation until 2018
    25th November 2016
    On 25 November 2016, the European Council extended Operation Atalanta’s mandate to deter, disrupt and repress acts of piracy off the coast of Somalia, until 31 December 2018.
  • More International Chamber of Shipping Annual Review 2016 addresses preventing piracy
    14th November 2016
    The International Chamber of Shipping Annual Review 2016 addresses preventing piracy on pages 36 and 37.
  • More Ships more at risk after first Somali pirate attack in years
    8th November 2016
    Merchant vessels sailing through busy shipping lanes between Somalia and Yemen may be underestimating the risk of piracy and terrorism following two attempted attacks last month, maritime officials say.
  • More African leaders adopt Charter on Maritime Security, Safety and Development
    17th October 2016
    The African Charter on Maritime Security, Safety and Development aims to solidify Africa’s commitment to an efficient and effective management of its oceans, seas and waterways so as to ensure sustainable, equitable and beneficial exploration of these critical resources.
  • More Maritime Safety, Security and Development in Africa
    10th October 2016
    Africa boasts of an abundance of natural resources, in particular aquatic and marine resources, with a potential that has not yet been fully tapped in the context of economic growth and sustainable development.
  • More Boosting maritime security in Cameroon
    9th September 2016
    An International Maritime Organization (IMO)-led maritime security table top exercise took place in Yaoundé, Cameroon from 6 to 8 September for participants from a range of government departments and national agencies, including the Maritime Authority.
  • More Safeguarding Africa's seaports to safeguard its economies
    26th July 2016
    Despite their strategic importance, many African ports are easily accessible to criminals and susceptible to various threats.
  • More Namibia President has opened first Naval Academy
    25th July 2016
    Namibia officially opened its first naval school in a move to deal with threats to national security.
  • More Good preparation is essential to effective kidnap response management
    12th July 2016
    Stuart Edmonston, Head of Loss Prevention at UK P&I Club, together with Hellenic War Risks and Terra Firma Risk Management, highlights the importance of preparation in kidnap response management for shipping companies operating in West Africa.
  • More Maritime piracy more sophisticated and prevalent around Gulf of Guinea
    4th July 2016
    While the matter of maritime piracy has seemingly subdued from its high profile peaks of a few years ago, Stuart Edmonston, Head of Loss Prevention at UK P&I Club, together with Hellenic War Risks and Terra Firma Risk Management, highlight the growth of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and considers the reasons behind the rise in kidnaps for ransom.
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